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Getting Through Your First Medical Rotation by Ranesh Palan

Written by Ranesh Palan on 10 April 2013 in Book Reviews, Clinical Rotation. No Comments

I had the pleasure of completing my first clinical rotation of medical school in a medical subspecialty (GIT/Hepatology) over the last 8 weeks, and underwent what amounted to a crash-course in how to manage my time on the wards. Having got through it all with no more than a few unexpected blood spatters on my shirt (errant cannula), I am really keen to share some of my tips (read: unsolicited advice/opinions) with you all!

Attendance: To Stay or Go?

Coming into general medicine with only theoretical knowledge (and a good sense of humour), I quickly realised the best way to get a feel for what was happening was to show up early, and leave when the day shifts end.

Honestly it was refreshing to be out and about rather than losing whole days to lectures. More time means better relationships with your intern … Read More »